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About Us

Our trips are designed by runners for runners. Since we accidentally founded our local running club in 2010, more than 5,000 people have regularly joined our weekly events. As the group grew, we started to compare notes on travel, and discovered kindred spirits among our friends. This led to scheming. Scheming led to planning. Then, in 2015, we built a trip with partners for 20 runners to run remote wild corners of China’s Great Wall. Before the trip was even finished, we began planning the next one. In 2016, we ran the Bhutan International Marathon, introducing us to the amazing Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. We discovered a one of a kind event with a spectacular course, charming volunteers, and a uniquely enchanting country.

After several years organizing trips to events in the US, China, and Bhutan with our club, we launched Next Run to make running-focused adventure travel as accessible for you as it has been for us. We strive to create trips and experiences that aren’t easily reproduced, often building off our personal adventures to locate the hidden gems or secret stories. We’re launching our first trips to Italy in 2023. Why Italy? We’ve spent a lot of time there and were married there. It’s one of our many happy places. We’ve run many miles on roads and trails from the lakes in the north to Sicily in the south. Italy was our obvious next destination and we have many more to announce soon.

Let’s run!

Sarah & Derek Young

A quick note about COVID 19 and our plans: We are monitoring the current global health crisis with particular consideration of how it will affect travel. Our first concern is, of course, the health and safety of our travelers and the people around the world that we meet. In light of that, we will follow all guidance from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control, as well as from any destination countries and our partners around the world. We encourage you to do the same, and educate yourself on risks and precautions. We encourage you to continue planning to explore the world. If you are like us, planning your next adventure keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to. That seems like something we could all use right now.

Be well, and keep dreaming.

We are currently taking deposits on trips scheduled for Fall 2023. Do you want to help us plan? Put down a deposit and let's start talking!

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